Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Touch Rugby Players in San Diego

Here is a gallery of images that I shot for an article that I wrote on touch rugby in San Diego. The article will be in the Downtown News (, Feb. 5 edition). I will post the article sometime after it's published tomorrow. I wanted to experiment with the new Lumedyne lights that I got from a friend. These are the same ones that failed so miserably for me the first time that I took them out, on the Bird Rock Surf Shop shoot. It turned out that the batteries were beyond their life-span - I will post more about them and how I fixed them later. I set one light head up on a stand in the middle of the field and tried to pose the players a bit. They were anxious to get playing as several people showed up late and there was a flag-football team encroaching on their turf. So I banged away a few shots before they lost interest and started to leave.
I shot them as they played and got a few of the type of shots that I was after. Towards the end of the game, I had everything that I needed for the paper and they were a player short. So it didn't take much to convince me to jump in and join them, in my bare feet and cargo shorts loaded with cell phone, keys, etc. They are a great bunch of people and if you are reading this in San Diego and have any interest in trying it, I would encourage you to go out even if you've never played. The atmosphere is really casual, laid back, friendly and it seems like a great social group to be part of as well as a great way to stay fit. The group in the photos below is part of the Tumeke Touch club.